3,669 vacancies reserved teaching posts in central universities: government in Rajya Sabha


THERE are as many as 3,669 reserved category teaching posts, including the post of 880 professors, vacant in central universities, the Ministry of Education told Rajya Sabha in a written response on Wednesday.

According to the response, to a question posed by CPI(M) MP AA Rahim, 988 teaching posts in the SC category, 576 ST, 1,761 OBC and 344 PWD (persons with disabilities) are vacant.

In addition to professors, vacancies in reserved categories include teaching positions of 1,624 associate professors and 1,793 assistant professors.

“The data provided exposes the Union government’s dilution of mandated constitutional reserve and its identity politics of nominating a tribal woman for president as mere hollow appeasement,” Rahim said in a statement.

In response to the question, the government also shared the number of positions for which a recruitment process has been launched, as well as an academic breakdown of reserved positions for which candidates have not been found suitable.

The response shows that Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), University of Hyderabad and Banaras Hindu University (BHU) are among the institutions that said the maximum number of candidates for the positions was not appropriate.

In the case of the JNU, 22 SC, 10 ST and 33 OBC positions, for which the recruitment process was carried out, the candidates were not found suitable, while the corresponding figures are 74 (SC), 66 ( ST) and 14 (OBC) for Hyderabad University and 16 (SC), 11 (ST) and 6 (OB) for BHU.

“It is also a ridiculous assertion that in the current situation where there is massive unemployment, the best central universities are unable to find anyone suitable. The government must immediately rectify this violation of reservation rights and fill all vacancies in teaching positions at central universities,” Rahim added.

Overall, central universities have as many as 6,549 faculty vacancies, according to data shared by the Ministry of Education in Lok Sabha on Monday.

Delhi University has the maximum (900) teaching vacancies followed by Allahabad University (622), Banaras Hindu University (532), Aligarh Muslim University (498) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (326). Since August 2021, 4,807 positions in central universities have been advertised for which selection processes are underway, the ministry added.


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