Florida teenager is accepted to 27 universities and offered Rs 30 crore in scholarships


With increasing competition in all fields, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to secure a place in a good college these days. One needs to be consistent, focused, and determined to get into college in countries like the United States. Now imagine being accepted to all the colleges you wanted, and that’s not it – you even got scholarships. It sounds like a dream, but it came true for a teenager from Florida. Jonathan Walker, 18, has gone viral after being accepted to 27 colleges and universities. And on top of that, the student was offered scholarships worth $4 million (Rs 30 crore). Walker must now choose from the 27 colleges that have accepted his application. And these colleges are no ordinary, the list includes Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania.

“It’s so crazy to think that I applied to all these colleges and got accepted,” Jonathan Walker told ABC 7. He credited his success to his family. Walker says, “I really admire them because they showed me what it’s like to be passionate about something.”

The boy is not a bookworm. The Rutherford High School student also plays for the football team, and while balancing studies and sports, he also takes the time to invent devices. Walker has already invented devices that help blind and/or deaf people. “I’ve always loved creating devices to help people, so I really want to go further,” he said.

Giving advice to students looking to apply to colleges of further learning, Walker suggested it was all in the essays. He said, “It’s really like writing a series of essays for college and then from there, like tweaking them specifically for colleges.”

Isn’t he a real source of inspiration for all children?

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