IUPUI will become 2 universities


The changes are expected to be completed in time for the Fall 2024 semester.

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana University and Purdue University have announced plans to part ways IUPUI into separate academic organizations.

IUPUI, which stands for Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, has been providing education to students for 52 years.

The changes are expected to be completed in time for the Fall 2024 semester.

Among the changes is the creation of a joint biosciences engineering institute.

Part of the change is to better direct students to needed areas in science, engineering, technology and health care.

“This new arrangement will give us the opportunity to create new, immersive programs in innovation and entrepreneurship that strengthen Indianapolis’ position as one of our nation’s great urban centers,” said the President of the ‘IU, Pam Whitten.

“Many of us at Purdue have felt for years that we would like to have a more visible and impactful presence in Indianapolis. The current structure did not allow us to do that. But Pam and her board of colleagues opened the door to what we think is our responsibility,” said Purdue University President Mitch Daniels.

Both schools hope the move will improve the experience for students and faculty.

“Indiana University Indianapolis gives us a wonderful opportunity to start with a wonderful foundation that was created 52 years ago,” Whitten said.

Goals of the proposed plan include increasing the number of job-ready graduates, fueling economic growth in the state, and improving services to the community of Indianapolis and beyond.

Leaders from all three institutions say they couldn’t be happier to chart this new course together.

“I know that together we can build a future worthy of our past and that of the state and community we serve,” said IUPUI Acting Chancellor Andrew Klein.

Whitten revealed that IU’s new school will be called IU Indianapolis. Purdue President Mitch Daniels said they haven’t determined a name for his new school.

Both universities will listen to suggestions during the two-year migration.

According to the schools, the change will have little effect on current students, as they continue to earn their degrees from IU or Purdue, and all existing programs will continue to be offered on the Indianapolis campus.

What this means for IU and Purdue

Indiana University owns the IUPUI campus, but the partnership has allowed graduates of some programs to earn Purdue degrees.

IU will take over the operation of what is now IUPUI’s School of Science, except for its computer science department, which will be part of Purdue.

IU will expand the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering on campus, as well as its medical school.

IU will maintain the intercollegiate athletic program, which means that the IUPUI Jaguars athletic teams will be associated with the new school of IU.

Purdue will handle engineering, computing and technology as part of its West Lafayette campus expansion. Purdue will open a branch of its Purdue Applied Research Institute on or near the current IUPUI campus.

Purdue will also have a new residential building near its university buildings.

Statements by university presidents

The two university presidents noted the positive effects for the future.

“This is a historic moment for Indianapolis, for IU and for our entire state,” Whitten said. “We are building on more than 50 years of IUPUI accomplishments to propel us to become one of the leading urban research universities in this country. In addition to expanding our science and technology programs, we plan to expand to all levels, to create more opportunities for students, and to integrate even more deeply into the Indianapolis community through close relationships with local businesses, nonprofits, sports organizations, and more.

“This new vision will allow the number of STEM graduates from Purdue to increase and will also provide more opportunities for our students and faculty in Indianapolis and West Lafayette,” Daniels said. “What we’re announcing today responds to the calls we’ve heard from Indianapolis and across the state for a bigger, more visible Purdue in Indianapolis. Our state and its largest city need a research presence. The world-class high-tech quality Purdue stands for.”

(Editor’s note: This story has been edited to correct Mitch Daniels’ title as Purdue chairman from an earlier version.)

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