Lam Research Partners with SK hynix to Improve DRAM Production Profitability with Revolutionary EUV Dry Resist Technology


“Lam’s dry resistance technology is a game changer. By innovating at the materials level, it solves the toughest challenges in EUV lithography, enabling cost-effective scaling for advanced memory and logic,” said Richard Wise, vice president and general manager of dry resist. . product group at Lam. “We are proud to continue our longstanding collaboration with SK hynix to accelerate DRAM technology innovations.”

SK hynix intends to use Lam’s dry resist underlay and dry development processes for advanced DRAM patterning. “As DRAM continues to evolve, innovations in EUV modeling are critical to delivering the performance needed by today’s increasingly connected devices at a cost that our customers can afford,” said BK Lee, responsible for the R&D process at SK hynix. “The dry resist technology we’re working on with Lam allows for exceptionally precise, low-defect, low-cost patterning.”

As chipmakers move toward advanced technology nodes, they must solve ever smaller and thinner chip designs on the wafer. First developed by Lam in collaboration with ASML and IMEC, dry resist technology offers several advantages over conventional chemically amplified resist patterning for EUV lithography. Dry resist technology solutions dramatically improve EUV sensitivity and resolution of each wafer pass, allowing patterns to better adhere to the wafer and improving performance and yield. Additionally, Lam’s dry resin development approach provides key sustainability benefits by consuming less energy and five to ten times less raw materials than traditional wet strength chemical processes.

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