Odisha government cuts summer holidays for colleges and universities


The government of Odisha has decided to reduce summer holidays for all higher education institutions, including public state universities, to compensate for lost academic days during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a letter to the authorities of state public universities, government and non-government university colleges and teacher training institutes, the principal secretary of the department of higher education, Saswat Mishra, said that holidays will now be allowed for a brief period from 1 June. to June 16 of this year.

Previously, the summer break was around 45 days.

“With the reduction of summer holidays, higher education institutions are expected to complete all academic activities on time. If necessary, additional classes should be held on public holidays and working days by extending teaching hours appropriately,” the letter reads.

Teachers and other employees of educational institutions would now be entitled to additional proportional earned leave instead of the reduced summer vacation, the letter says.

Earlier, the Department of School and Mass Education announced a reduction in summer holidays for the school. School holidays will be from June 6 to June 16. Previously, summer holidays in schools were about 50 days.

The decision to cut the holidays short was taken to cover the curriculum which could not be completed due to the closure of institutions during the pandemic, the Department of Schools and Mass Education added.


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