Research teams develop event-based cameras | IAI integrates MF-STAR Sa’ar 6


The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency selected 3 research teams led by Raytheon, BAE Systems and Northrop Grumman. They have been selected to develop event-based infrared (IR) camera technologies. The project was awarded under the agency’s Fast Event-based Neuromorphic Camera and Electronics program. Event-based cameras are an emerging class of sensors with demonstrated advantages over traditional imagers. These advanced models operate asynchronously and only transmit information about pixels that have changed. This means they produce much less data and operate with much lower latency and power.

The US Army’s new Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV) recently completed its airdrop certification tests over Fort Bragg. The ISV was delivered at standard low speeds by US Air Force C-130 and C-17 aircraft. The C-17’s standard double-row drop system was also tested.

Middle East and Africa

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) integrates offensive and defensive systems, including the MF-STAR (Magen Adir) radar, on the Navy’s Sa’ar 6 corvettes. The company, together with the Administration for Weapons and Technological Infrastructure Development (part of IMoD) and the Israeli Navy, completed the first phase of installing MF-STAR (Magen Adir) radars on Sa’ar 6 corvettes and will continue to integrate the BARAK MX (Ra’am Adir) air defense system on ships. The radars will be used to locate and classify air and surface targets and help build an advanced and detailed maritime picture of the surveillance area.

Israel-based BIRD Aerosystems said it provided a complete maritime ASIO workgroup solution to an undisclosed African government. The ASIO Maritime Task Force solution includes several Cessna Citation CJ3 aircraft which the company has converted into maritime patrol aircraft, as well as BIRD’s Advanced Mission Management System (MSIS) which has also been installed on a number of ships as well as ‘at Naval HQ Command.


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Aviation Group will also establish a passenger-to-freighter conversion site to convert the Boeing 737-700/800 in partnership with Atitech, at Atitech’s main MRO center in Naples, Italy. The freight conversion site in Italy will join two existing freight conversion sites in China.

Asia Pacific

A JGSDF Type 12 surface-to-ship missile launcher from the 5th Surface-to-Ship Missile Regiment caught fire 468 meters inside Kumamoto Airport’s underground tunnel on 4 July. The vehicle was returning to base from the JGSDF Hijyu-dai Proving Ground and it was not carrying any live weapons at the time. The incident forced the tunnel to be closed to traffic for three hours. Two people in the vehicle are uninjured.

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Watch: IAI integrates Naval Combat Suite on Sa’ar 6 corvettes


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