Seven research teams obtain seed funding from the Resilience Initiative


Seven interdisciplinary research teams addressing major areas around sustainability, resilience and climate change have been awarded seed grants under the Resilience Initiative Seed Funding Program.

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, the Resilience Initiative supports existing collaborations and fosters the development of new, diverse interdisciplinary teams.

The seed funding program funds two types of convening grants of up to $10,000: one that will bring together new research teams of faculty and one intended to inspire collaboration with external partners.

A pilot grant will provide seed funding of up to $50,000 for faculty members to engage in more structured research and fellowship activities and is designed to position them for grants and other funding external research. The seed funding program also includes a mechanism for a deeply interdisciplinary team to receive support for a two-year postdoctoral research position.

The project subjects and grant recipients are:

Convening Grants:

  • Oregon’s Water Future: Climate Change, Environmental Disasters, and Community Resilience. Alai Reyes-Santos, Department of Indigenous, Racial and Ethnic Studies.
  • An integrative collaborative research network focused on the human dimension of environmental change in Southeast Asia. Kathie Carpenter, Department of International Studies; Alison Carter, Department of Anthropology; Estelle Chaussard, Department of Earth Sciences; Krista McGuire, Department of Biology; Tuong Vu, Department of Political Science/Department of Asian Studies.

Piloting Grants:

  • Co-production of restorative fire: A transdisciplinary approach to indigenous fire management and restoring forest resilience. Michael Coughlan, Institute for Environmental Sustainability; Bart Johnson, Department of Landscape Architecture; Kari Norgaard, Department of Sociology; Dan Gavin, Department of Geography.
  • Moving Eugene in a More Sustainable Way: What Affects Transportation Choices in Downtown Eugene. Rebecca Lewis and Yizhao Yang, School of Planning, Public Policy and Management.
  • Integrated social, environmental and economic justice framework to build resilient communities for vulnerable populations without housing. Yekang Ko, Department of Landscape Architecture.
  • Resilient casing enhancing the grid. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, Department of Architecture; Kory Russel, Department of Landscape Architecture; Heather Brinton, Faculty of Law; Josh Skov, Lundquist College of Business.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow :

  • Resilience, ice and society: probing the time scales of human interactions with cryospheric change. Dave Sutherland, Department of Earth Sciences; Mark Carey, Clark Honors College.

“These collaborations span some of our greatest areas of strength and address some of our most pressing social and environmental challenges,” said Cass Moseley, senior associate vice president for research and innovation. “We congratulate these seven teams and look forward to seeing what kinds of creative and innovative solutions will result from these inspired projects.”


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