Students at Erie universities tell us what they know about student loan forgiveness requests


College students wishing to eliminate part of their student debt will soon be able to apply for it.

President Joe Biden announced plans to reduce student loan debt through federal loan forgiveness applications, but since the news broke there has been a lot of confusion about how to apply.

Matt Mathias spoke to students at Erie universities about their real-world knowledge of the process.

As it stands, it seems many students who would benefit heard the initial announcement but struggled to keep up with program updates.

The White House announced a new plan to help relieve student debt, but since then there has been a lot of confusion about how that process will unfold.

Some people are automatically eligible, but most will need to apply directly. However, this form has not yet been released, leaving students and former students with questions.

“Personally, I probably need to think about it a bit more. Obviously it would be great to have a loan wiped out, but you just have to understand how it happens, how it affects everything else,” said Michael Duer, a math student at Gannon University.

“I hope they email everyone because I feel like middle schoolers have a lot to do and if it’s not easy for us to apply, it will be hard to find work. time for it,” said Olivia Heysek. , assistant medical student, Gannon University.

To qualify for debt forgiveness before the end of this year, you will need to submit your application by November 15.

By contrast, applications for the expanded Civil Service Loan Relief Scheme will close on October 31.

Another important note is that only federal loans apply to these forgiveness programs. — this means that if you have a private loan, it will not qualify.

We spoke to a former student who faced this problem.

“Federal government student loans were probably about a third of my overall debt,” said Anthony Mackulin, a former student at Behrend. “It will definitely help with a decent amount overall, but it won’t take the full amount.”

A medical assistant student studying at Gannon said she would have a debt of $100,000 and that would really help her.

“Personally, I think I take close to a hundred in total throughout my five years here, and that’s a lot of money. And it makes me really excited that part of it can be erased,” Heysek said.

The Department for Education said application forms are expected to be available in early October, likely as an online form to begin with, with a paper application released later.


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