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With the increase in global warming, the need for professional researchers on this subject has also increased. It can often be daunting weighing your options when it comes to the best universities to study at. Each institution has its advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before making a final decision. Only after learning more about the different schools will you be able to understand which is best for you.

Below is the list of the best universities to study global warming.

Oxford University
In the world university ranking of 2022, the University of Oxford came out number 1. The University of Oxford has an Environmental Change Institute which offers scholarships to students who are interested in researching environmental sustainability. They also offer internships for undergraduate students studying climate change. Oxford is one of the best institutions in the world. What sets the institution apart when it comes to environmental studies is that it provides each student with a mentor to help them conduct their research as well as financial aid. The university is located in England.

Harvard University
Harvard offers undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental conservation. They ranked the number 1 university in the world for several years until 2022, when they came to number 3. During the summer holidays, undergraduate students interested in researching topics on environmental issues receive financial support from the institution. Students have the option of working with a faculty member and becoming their research assistants or doing their own research. Harvard is located in Boston, USA.

duke university
Duke University has partnered with institutions around the world to offer year-round programs. These programs help students study environmental issues to gain a global perspective. Young people pursuing environment-related studies at the institution are provided with useful facilities. They include a 7,000 acre forest and a marine laboratory. These resources are what distinguishes the university among others. Duke University has used a forest as a classroom and laboratory since 1931. The subjects studied today are more diverse than ever. Duke University, located in Durham, is ranked number 23.

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Stanford University
Stanford runs a program known as the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. The institute offers leadership programs for graduate and postdoctoral students, for example, “The Rising Environmental Leaders” program. For undergraduate students, Stanford University offers the Forum for Undergraduate Environmental Leadership. The institution also publishes thousands of research papers every year and always has a space for new students to post their research. Stanford is located in California and is ranked number 4 in the 2022 world rankings.

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Imperial College London
This famous institution offers a master’s program in environmental technology. The program covers both natural and social sciences. Students learn about environmental pollution and how to mitigate its effects. They have a discipline known as the Human Natural World interface. It teaches how the environment interacts with its surroundings. The university is located in England, UK and ranks 12th in the world.

Tsinghua University – China
This university was ranked number 16 this year. Tsinghua University’s School of Environment is on a mission to create sustainability while minimizing pollution. It partners with institutions around the world to provide technical and theoretical knowledge. This knowledge applies to environmental conservation initiatives throughout China. The university is located in Beijing.

University of Queensland – Australia
It’s Australia’s top-rated university for environmental studies and research. Their programs address various issues, such as:

  1. Landscape ecology
  2. Environmental impact assessment
  3. Global changes in biology
  4. Aquatic and soil environments, among others.

They have won various awards related to environmental science studies. These include the Australian Museum’s Eureka Awards. Their researchers maintain close relationships with major scientific organizations, including The Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority. The University of Queensland – Australia was ranked 24th in the world (as of 2022). Wageningen University and Research Center.

The university is located in the Netherlands. It offers excellent masters programs in environmental sciences. Its programs are diverse and include disciplines such as urban environmental management and climate studies. The institution ranked 53.

Many universities around the world have created top-notch environmental science programs to combat the growing threat to our environment, namely global warming.

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