These are the best universities for each subject in 2022


The Times University Guide has been released today, revealing the best and worst universities to study in 2022.

There’s obviously a general ranking, but we’ve broken the table down by subject, so you can see where the best places are to pursue your academic dreams…or just where’s the best for social policy or something like that.

Clearly, the usual suspects dominate the subject rankings. I’m talking about Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrews.

Oxford came out on top for English, art and medicine.

Cambridge was the best place to study math, chemistry and French.

St Andrews was best for history while Warwick is the place to be if for some reason you want to study economics.

But it’s also been a HUGE year for people like Glasgow Caledonian University which achieved three number one hits: food science, radiography and physiotherapy.

Here is the full breakdown:

The best universities for each subject in 2022

All data via The Times Good University guide.

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