UCLan is set to become one of 11 UK universities with an on-campus veterinary school


The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has proposed to establish a new school of veterinary medicine on its Preston campus.

The plans for the new school come in response to a nationwide shortage of vets, described in the proposals. The application sent on behalf of the university by the architectural firm Wilson Mason indicates an increased shortage of vets in the north of England.

Currently there is only one veterinary school in the north of the country and if plans are given the green light, UCLan’s own facilities will become one of eleven in the UK. The facility aims to give students the opportunity to train where supply is currently extremely limited, benefiting the region with locally trained vets, resulting in additional supply for society at large.

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Students will be encouraged to visit veterinary clinics early in the program to better develop their communication and business incubation skills. Through a clinical simulation suite, students will improve their skills in performing complex clinical activities, an area that many new veterinary graduates find challenging. The UCLan School of Veterinary Medicine aims to have 64 veterinary students enrolled by 2023, growing to 470 in standard and accelerated graduate entry programs by 2028.

It is hoped to be at full capacity by 2029/2030. The School of Veterinary Medicine will add 915 additional student places to the University and offer a range of around ten undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Additionally, veterinary and associate education programs provide opportunities in areas such as research, non-credit postgraduate continuing professional development, and broader business activity such as veterinary histopathology services.

Entrance through the Greenbank Building (Preston Planning Portal)

For students without an appropriate scientific background or grades, a one-year foundation program in bioveterinary science (FHEQ level 4) provides a “gateway” to further study in bioveterinary science or opens up opportunities to other fields of biomedical and biological sciences. programs.

Existing sites on campus are to be used if the proposal is successful and the new school will be built on the Greenbank site. The Greenbank building was constructed in 1997 and it is planned that with part renovation and part new construction, the building will accommodate the new veterinary school.

The new school will be the second in the North of England (Preston Planning Portal)
The new school will be the second in the North of England (Preston Planning Portal)

The new construction element will be constructed in the Greenbank car park to the northeast of the building, facing Victoria Street. Inside, the building will provide facilities such as seminar rooms, clinical skill suites, mock theaters, study suites, dry anatomy rooms, laboratories and plant rooms.

UCLan has had a number of new additions built on campus over the past five years. The following plans will be in line with the wider university campus and in particular the contemporary aesthetic established by UCLan’s most recent projects, which are the Engineering Innovation Center and the Student Centre, both located in Adelphi Square on Fylde Road.

Plans include a new pedestrian route accessible from Harrington Street to the south. Surface parking currently located at the rear of the building will be removed and the area will be landscaped.

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